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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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fair, balanced, and unafraid. ♪ insert your own joke here. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i think barack obama is a one-term president. [cheers] >> bill: a conservative convention opens in d.c. highlighted by obama bashing. >> stop apologizing for this great nation and start defending her. [ applause ] >> does this accomplish anything or does it hurt the conservative cause? laura ingraham will be here to debate it. >> we heard the crash and saw the explosion. >> all the flames shot up like higher than the apartment. [sirens] >> a man angry at the irs crashes his light plane into a texas office building. we'll tell you what happened and see if there is anything more to the story than meets the eye. >> and anger building in iowa
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after a 17-year-old girl stripped in a club. and judges say it's art. megyn kelly with an update. ♪ >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. from los angeles, the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from southern california. thanks for watching us. bashing obama. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the conservative political action conference opened its annual convention in washington today with some of the biggest names on the right in attendance. and what has bound them together so far is president obama. >> i think 2010 is going to be a phenomenal year. [cheers] >> for the conservative cause. and i think barack obama is a
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one-term president. [cheers] >> just because you get on tv doesn't mean you can sell socialism to freedom-loving americans. [cheers] >> and while we are sending messages to president obama today, here is one more. stop apologizing for this great nation and start defending her. [cheers] >> you are intellectually shallow. you are romantic. you are self-indulgent. you have no ability, perhaps the most proven yourself already to be the most incompetent president, perhaps in our lifetime. >> the gold medal that was won last night by american lindsey vonn has been stripped. it was determined that president obama has been going down hill faster than she has. >> bill: now, here is the question. does obama bashing accomplish anything? talking points became disgusted when president bush was attacked every two minutes by the left. i mean it got to the point where good people simply had to walk away from that even if you think mr. bush was doing a bad job. the personal attacks on him were
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vicious and accomplished nothing. so what's the difference with president obama? well, there are two kinds of political attacks. the personal, meant to diminish the human being and criticism of policy, meant to persuade people, the person in power is doing a bad job. of course, there is nothing wrong with policy criticism or satire. that's a hallmark of america. but the personal stuff is cheap and we are seeing more and more of it there are times when people have to be called out. you may remember my interview with congressman barney frank. but that's unusual. most of the time we and you can get your points across without being cruel. talking points does not mean to lecture. we have made mistakes here as well. there is no question that president obama is having some big problems. all the polls show that so is he a legitimate political target. but if cpac makes a weekend out of bashing obama, it will be making a big mistake. in order to regain power in america, conservatives must come up with solutions to complicated problems. that's what they should be doing at the washington convention. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight,
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reaction and the question, is president obama trying to trick republicans by inviting them to a health care conference next week? joining us now from washington, fox news analyst and radio talk show star, laura ingraham. all right, first of all, you know, you and i have gone around in past years about the personal attack business. i think dick armey, you know, he was the only one in the montage that we used, dick armey. i just think that's just foolish. it doesn't do anything. am i wrong? >> well, i think that satire is needed. we all need a good laugh. and we need to be entertained as we kind of try to grapple with these big issues of the day. i think you make a good point, bill. look, here is what we know right now. we know that for now conservatism is on the rise because people believe that too much power is invested in washington. and people want more power back in their own families, their own pocketbooks, et cetera, et cetera. so, on the subject matters that are dominating the debate, conservatives are winning. so, look, president obama is the
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center of the democrat party. he is the leader of the democratic party. so, he is the, you know, he is the standard bearer of what liberalism today is trying to do. you can't not mention president obama. so i think they are well within their right to doing that. >> bill: let's take army. >> at some point you have got to pivot. >> bill: let's take army. you are self-indulgent. you have no ability. he has ability. >> you don't beat hillary clinton and john mccain and sarah palin by having no ability. i mean, look, i have raised issues of competence on hand listening the economy and on foreign policy and, i do a really hard hitting radio show every day. i also try to have a very substantive approach. i mean, look -- >> bill: right, you and me, i mean, we understand that there is a line that you shouldn't cross. let me have one more question on this and then we will get into the health care republican deal. >> sure. >> bill: is there any difference between the personal attacks on bush, which both you and i
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condemned. and the personal attacks on obama. is there any difference or is this the same kind of garbage? >> well, i mean, again, we live in this 24/7 media world. i mean a lot of time to fill. i think the ones on bush were pretty vicious. they went to every aspect of his life. and it is going to be rough and tumble stuff going on here as well. but you know what i was reviewing, bill. -- >> bill: it is worse on bush than obama or what. >> i think it's kind of all a wash. that's not what's motivating people to become more conservative or less liberal today. it's the substance. go back and read the 1977 ronald reagan speech to cpac. if you have a little free time out in l.a., bill. it's fascinating. i think he mentions carter two times, three times. it's all about the meaning of conservatism and america. it was a phenomenal speech. >> bill: i say that the republicans should engage president obama next week on the health care issue. i think they should show up. i think they should be
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respectful. i think they should then come right out afterward and say this is what we told the president. we hope he does it. you say no? you think it's a trap of some kind? >> yeah. i mean, look. over the last 11 months, this debate about health care has been going on. and it's been furious. and it's been substantive. and it's been in every forum that you can think of. we know that after all these months, conservatives have won the debate. it's been hands down across item demographics, across ideological and gender lines. to go in with president obama to sit down and hash it out with the democrats coming to the table with many of the same ideas, bill, that have already been rejected, i don't see the political win for republicans. i say start from the clean slate, want to have a conversation, we have have a conversation. i'm not going to relitigate a case i already won in court. i wouldn't have done it when i was a lawyer. i wouldn't do it now. >> bill: it's a matter of persuading the public. >> we have already persuaded the public. >> bill: they could lose that
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persuasion. they could lose, look. the republican -- the public is not ideological. >> i disagree. >> bill: the public knows -- i don't think the public is ideological basically across the board. and i don't think the public wants health care reform. so if the republicans don't show up, obama is going to go out there and say, hey, look at these guys. they don't even want to debate. they are unreasonable. >> that's all we have been doing is debating. bill. that's all the democrats and republicans have been doing is debating. >> bill: debate more. there is no downside to showing up. >> bill, why do you think president obama is doing this? do you think is he doing it because he doesn't think he is going to get a huge bill win. he knows that when he is on the stage with, you know, god bless all these people are trying, but if ops obama on a stage verses, who? eric cantor? i mean i love eric cantor but president obama is masterful at what he does. >> bill: the g.o.p. guys are afraid? come on, they have got to engage him. >> they are winning on the substance. they don't have to worry about the razzle dazzle.
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>> bill: they have to worry if they don't show up? they will be damaged. >> bill, if you were doing it -- you know media you know how to use the space. >> bill: get somebody. rent somebody. hire somebody. you know, come on. >> they need a consultant maybe from your show. >> bill: let's wrap it up with this nut in austin, texas. he hates the irs, he hates organized religion. he hates obama that. he mates bush, he hates everybody. i don't think there is anything more to this story than some unhinged guy doing damage. do you? >> well, i promise you over the next few days you will hear from the left and all the crazies that, you know, we talk about other networks and so forth trying to tie cpac maybe, the tea party movement, all of this anger on the right that is out there and it's affecting having a dill tearous effect on the way people behave and that crazies can take what people say on radio and it v and conferences and run with it. you will hear that i don't think it's believable. the guy is obviously a total nut. and i don't think it goes any
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farther than that. >> bill: all right. whoever does that. we will spotlight them here on the factor. perhaps in the pinhead category. >> good. >> bill: laura, thanks very much. we appreciate it. next on the run down as we continue from l.a. this evening. new cnn poll very bad news from the president. we will have the data. later, a preview of the tiger woods confessional tomorrow by the culture warriors upcoming.
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>> bill: new cnn poll says 44% of americans now think president obama should be reelected in 201 it 2. while the president has plenty of time to turn that around there is no question he is in political trouble. joining us from our studio in new york city dr. marc lamont hill who teaches at columbia university. doctor, what is the president wants main problem today. >> actually i think there are two main problems. the first one is the obvious one is jobs. people don't have jobs. unemployment is high. we are not producing jobs or creating jobs. you are never going to have a satisfied american public if people are unemployed or underemployed or given up working. it's not going to happen. the other problem is president obama doesn't have energized base right now. the people who most celebrated him during the primaries and general election and early in his presidency are no longer excited. afghanistan, a lack of president bush on gay rights, lack of push on many policy issues. the lack of push on those issues has made his base disappointed.
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he has no one really behind him right now. >> bill: say his base say the base is not as jazzed as it was. the base doesn't really have much influence on the country during a term. it has in the campaign. but during the term it's basically the people watching and in a very short period of time they have gone from liking what president obama was doing in office to not liking it. and i agree with the jobs are big. but i think it's a perception. i think that the perception among non-ideological americans, not conservative or liberal, but the independents and the people in the middle, are basically that he is not managing the white house very well. he is not managing the country very well. he is not making his case. health care hurt him dramatically. nobody could figure out what he was saying. am i wrong? >> no. i think health care was the biggest issue. i think the obama administration was tone death in -- deaf. what the obama administration missed about the tearps is that the american people weren't responding to his policies.
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to congress's policies. he didn't take enough leadership on health care. as a result the cart got away from him and he has been trying to catch up ever since and it's been almost impossible. >> bill: it has. i don't see how he is going to turn it around without some major event. >> he can turn it around. jobs. >> bill: yesterday we said that governor schwarzenegger out here came in the same way that president obama came in. outsider, charismatic guy. 65% approval rating. almost exactly what president obama came in. he now is down to 27%. they can't get rid of him fast enough out here. i think that if barack obama doesn't think it can happen to him, it certainly could. >> could it happen to him? absolutely. he could turn out to be schwarzenegger or turn out to be a different governor of california. he could turn out to be ronald reagan. he could have jobs turn around and national security issues become much more positive. and in fact the american people could rally behind him in 2012 and 2011 if jobs continue to bic up. job creation is the key here. he could be schwarzenegger but
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it's far from inevitable. >> bill: you believe that even with the massive spending on tap and, remember, that drives the tea party people, it drives disenchantment that, hey, we don't want to be a third world debtor nation here and barack obama has committed in 2010 to spending an enormous amount of money and probably going out to losing congress which he may. you believe even if he turns the job thing around, running up the massive debt is not going to hurt him? i think he has got to stop the spending. >> there is a sector of voters who will be upset with his spending pattern. absolutely. there many are of us who think those type of expenditures are necessary for addressing do mess stick issues. the other thing to think about with barack obama the american people are engaging him against himself. when you start talking about re-election. it's not just do you want barack obama to get another term. do you want barack obama or sarah palin or mike huckabee or mitt romney. i think the american people will ultimately be satisfied with barack obama if the jobs situation is addressed.
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>> bill: okay. it does matter who his opponent is. >> yeah. it could be you. >> bill: but i will tell you what, i haven't seen any president be in this much trouble this quickly in my lifetime. >> you didn't consider. >> bill: really consider? >> ronald reagan was in trouble. >> bill: but reagan's problem was that the country wasn't responding quick enough from the carter disaster. that, you know, it wasn't that reagan was running up a huge debt or that reagan wasn't managing well. or that, you know, he had all these radicals around him. i mean, do you think it does any good for obama to have guys around him like nancy pelosi and harry reid? do you think that does him any good. this first of all he had radicals around him. right wing bill bennett. secretary of education no one more radical. >> bill: it wasn't perceived that way by the public it? >> was perceived the by the left the way this is --
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>> bill: by the left? i don't think it is radical rightist. >> obama's people being seen as extremist by the right. >> bill: by the center, too. >> the same way that you are saying ronald reagan was responding to carter's mistakes. that's the exact same argument the obama administration has been saying about bush. >> bill: reagan didn't make the argument. he didn't blame carter. >> no. but you are. we're not talking about the rhetorical tactic. the relate is that barack obama does have to respond to eight years of bush policy. everything is not bush's fault. but some of it is and president obama is addressing that. >> bill: all the polls show they are not buying that anymore. you have been in for a year and we want to see a better managed white house. >> they should. you will see that next year. >> bill: fair enough. the oath keepers, are they a group of far right loons or are they loyal american military and police people trying to protect us? and then, megyn kelly on a very controversial situation in iowa. drunken minor allowed to dance in a strip club. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: the factor follow-up segment last night. last night we interviewed potak and he cited a right wing group called the oath keepers that he
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feels may become dangerous. >> the reality reality about the group is that what it is really about is the fear that martial law is about to be imposed, that americans are about to be herded into concentration camps. that foreign troops are going to be put down on american soil. >> bill: joining us now from washington stewart rhodes the founder of the oath keepers who served as a paratrooper in the army. tell us about your group first of all before we get into the ideology of it how many people are in the oath keepers and do you have to be a police officer, a law enforcement officer and exmilitary? what do you have to be? >> well, if you are going to be a full member, you have to be either current service or prior service. military police or firefighters. but we also let average citizens come in as associate members to support our mission. and we have about 50,000 on our forum. about 15,000 on our forums. they are not all actual members. about 6,000 dues paying members.
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>> bill: how much is the dues to get in there? >> just a $30 donation. it covers the paperwork. >> bill: you started this about a year ago. are you associated with the tea party at any level? >> well, i have been to a lot of tea party events. we spoke at quite a few of them. i'm on the planning committee on the one on 9/11 this next september the march on you know, we like the tea party movement. we think it's great. it's a good revitalization of core americanism and core constitutionalism. >> bill: so, full members in the oath keepers have to have a military or police background. now, i'm going to read you something. >> or firefighters. >> bill: or firefighters. we will not obey unconstitutional, thus illegal and immoral orders such as orders to disarm the american people or place them under martial law. well, who is going to try to disarm people and place them under martial law? why would that even be something you would be discussing? >> well, it happened as recently as katrina. you probably have seen the
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videos there of an old lady being tackled in kitchen and disarmed of revolver and house-to-house searches for firearms. you had the police chief declaring that no one would be alowed to have weapons. they will take all the guns. they did. they disarmed americans over bad weather as though the bad weather suspended the second amendment. that's the most recent example. >> bill: it was a little bit more than that the local authorities in new orleans could not control what is going on in the city and had you looters who were armed going in and stealing things. and this directive. >> it wasn't just looters that they disarmed. they disarmed average american people. >> bill: they disarmed everybody. they basically said there is not going to be any guns in the city. and we're going to take them all because we're in a state of emergency. but that's after a hurricane wipes out the city so i'm not sure -- let me ask you this. >> where is that in the constitution that says bad weather suspends the constitution? >> bill: not a matter of bad weather it's a matter of can't control the city.
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if the mayor of a city or governor of a state has a state of emergency, you hear that all the time put in a state of emergency here, and we have a city that's out of control like we had in the 60's and you remember some of those riots, i'm sure. they say we are going to impose a curfew. you can't go out after 11:00. you can't have a gun out in public. you can't do this. you can't assemble. and, you know, because we have an out-of-control situation. you are telling me that you are going to tell your people not to obey those laws? >> i would say that disarming an average law-abiding citizen like that. >> bill: no state of emergency. i'm just talking of state of emergency. >> call a state of emergency. call it what you want, it's still unconstitutional. >> bill: that's a pretty extreme position. let me ask you about. this you also say we are in a battle for the hearts and minds of our troops. what does that mean? >> that means that there is a thought in the minds of some in the military that their oath is just to the president and they
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don't understand that their oath is first and foremost to the constitution. and so we have to make sure they understand that unlike nazi, germany. >> bill: the commander and chief -- all right. listen. commander and chief is the president. by our constitution. if he issues an order, are you telling people not to obey the order if they don't like it. >> if it's unconstitutional, yes. the oath. >> bill: the individual soldier, so each soldier makes up his mind whether the order is he given is constitutional or not? >> what were the nazis told at niewrnberg that disobeying orders was no excuse no defense. he they have an individual obligation. this is well established in military law. individual obligation. -- >> bill: i know military law. there are things in there that if a guy says you have to kill those civilians you say no, we don't. i'm saying in a general term, i don't think you can have a military or a police force if you have each officer and soldier and marine saying we will obey what order we want because we don't think it's
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constitutional. that seems to be what you are putting out there. i will give you the last word on it? >>. no here is the thing, bill. is that there is a presumption that orders are lawful. so it's a heavy burden to meet. if you obey an unlawful order, you can also be in trouble. so, they are not just going to do do this lightly. they dual it when it is most serious. because there is serious repercussions if you disobey a lawful order. can you -- disobeying unlawful one, too. >> bill: clearly unlawful, i got it but if it's a matter of interpretation you can have anarchy easily. >> you have guys at risk of court martial. they will not do that because they are at risk at court martial. they will only do it if it is truly serious. >> bill: plenty more as the factor moves along from southern california. culture warriors with a preview of the tiger woods confession tomorrow. -- drunken minor okay to dance -- drunken minor okay to dance in a strip
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in 1977, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro-golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the u.s. open once twice? 1 in 1.2 billion. the odds of him having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs at
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>> bill: culture warriors segment tonight, once again the animal rights people are angry with mcdonald's along with basketball star larry bird who is featured in this ad. >> what's up, boy? >> what's you got in the bag? >> big mack, fry. >> i will pay you for it. >> my lunch? >> first one to miss watches the other one eat. >> shake on it. >> 360 for the free throw line. >> olympic style. >> show me. >> smooth, boy. >> great show, guys.
5:31 am
and thanks for lunch. >> i had no idea. is he taking our lunch. >> bill: now, after seeing that ad, peta issued a statement, quote, larry bird is the first person who should sympathize with the millions of chickens who are killed from mcdonald's. chickens whose wings legs and backs are routinely broken. quote. referring to mr. bird's injuries in the nba. gretchen carlson and fox news analyst margaret hoover. what say you. >> i say you kill more flies with hone than do you vin gar. this is a way sweeter approach to elevate the issue than saying that animals and owning pets is like slavery or than dressing up celebrities as nude models are dressing up as chickens and protesting in front of nbc. peta has just issued a letter to larry bird saying next time mcdonald's's you to show up in an ad why don't you think about not doing it because your name is bird and you should have sympathy for the birds.
5:32 am
pretty innocuous approach peta goes as far as their advertising. >> bill: did i hear you say, hoover, you want to kill flies with honey at the top of your sill question there. >> you kill more flies with honey than you do vinegar. >> bill: i don't want peta picketing you. >> killing flies. i did it on purpose, you know. >> this is totally for the birds, okay? [ laughter ] >> this is ridiculous. here we are again talking about peta. and speaking of flies, i lost total disrespect for this organization when they recommended that barack obama, as president of the united states, get a fly catcher instead of swatting that fly on his arm during an interview last year. this is what they do to garner national attention, stupidity, it is totally for the birds. why don't they go after lebron james in that commercial? they went after larry bird because his last name is bird. >> bill: do they have a point that mcdonald's and other people who sell chicken could do their business more humanely? is there a point among all the
5:33 am
madness, carlson? >> i don't know. the point of it is that they are experts at getting us to talk about this stuff. >> bill: there is no doubt. >> here we are talking about it. >> bill: is there a point to the madness, hoover. >> i looked at the peta web site. i have got say it's more humane to gas the chickens than the way they kill the chickens. it's mcdonald's business model and making money and providing it to consumers. if consumers go up in arms and say hey, we want you to gas the chickens. we don't want you to kill them the way you want now. they want you to gas the chickens rather than hanging them up and soliciting their -- soliciting their throats. yes they do. called cok. >> bill: all they want you to eat is broccoli. >> with all due respect don't we have bigger problems in the world? kind of. >> bill: yeah. but the animal rights people impact on how americans eat. and you have to eat to live. and they have had some kind of an impact on our society.
5:34 am
there is no doubt. >> true. >> bill: let's get to tiger woods. now, yeah, we have bigger things to talk about than a golfer in trouble for his private life. but, this is going to be the story of the day tomorrow. carlson. everybody is going to be talking about him because he is going to give out some statement in front of people that he knows. and what do you think he should do? >> well, first of all, i think it's going to smack of elitism in the way that he has chosen to do this. i think it's the wrong move. because he is not going to take questions from reporters. is he going to do as you say read probably a three to five five minute statement. he is really then not going to give himself to the american public and make himself seem as if he is just like one of us. and i think the smartest thing that tiger woods could do tomorrow is to say to the american public, i make mcstays just like -- mistakes like we all do. the american public has compassion. >> bill: is he going to do that.
5:35 am
>> already pr people are saying this is a mistake to not take questions. at some point in his long life that he has left, is he going to have to answer the question. can you imagine. >> bill: i don't think he will. i don't think he is ever going to answer them. if i were him, i wouldn't answer them either. >> can you imagine when he goes to the first tee. >> bill: they are not going to let people near him on the golf course. >> are they going to boo though? >> bill: they can yell things, he is not going to answer questions. hoover, what do you want to hear from the man? and, again, i disagree with carlson. i wouldn't take questions at all. because there is a level of debasement that the press will bring to this that no human being should have to endure. and he wants to make a statement, we will analyze the statement tomorrow, and we will. but what do you want to hear, hoover? >> there is an art form to the american celebrity apology. it includes saying that you are sorry and showing genuine remorse. showing an understanding that you get what you did wrong. and then showing that you are taking steps to alter or change or improve your behavior.
5:36 am
if you do those these things. >> bill: he can't -- >> yes, he can i screwed up. >> bill: hear we thought and we only have 45 seconds. nobody knows whether he is going to be sincere. it's written by somebody else. >> that's the problem. >> yes. he can cry and he can -- >> that is the problem. >> you can show genuine remorse. people can see whether you are actually sorry or whether you really mean it we get that americans are smart. >> bill: you can be faked out. can you fool somebody. i agree with you. >> tiger woods is not used to doing. this we will know whether he is serious or not. we will know whether it's real. >> the biggest thing will be whether his wife is standing next to him. to me that will be the biggest news tomorrow. >> if i were his wife i wouldn't be anywhere near him. >> bill: eliot spitzer's wife stood there and was punished, i thought. she shouldn't have been there. it was cruel to have her there. and it didn't help spitzer at all. it didn't help one iota this is a complicated situation. we will cover it responsibly tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen.
5:37 am
we will watch and see what happens. ladies, as always. thank you. in a moment, another scandal involving the woman who accused a duke lacrosse players of rape. and a very controversial situation in iowa involving an intoxicated minor dancing in a strip club. megyn kelly has been investigating both. her report after these messages.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us.
5:40 am
i'm bill o'reilly. in the kelly file segment tonight, we got a lot of mail after is it legal segment on tuesday that said i was too tough on lis wiehl who was trying to explain why three iowa judges ruled that a 17-year-old drunken girl who stripped on a stage is allowed to do that in iowa. the judge excused the situation because the action took place in a so-called theater. therefore it was so-called art. i think that's insane. but, of course, i could be wrong and wiehl could be right that iowa law permits this. so we asked megyn kelly, an attorney herself to take a look and she joins us now from washington. i'm from new york, i should say. kelly, look. my position is very, very simple because, as you know, i am a simple man. i believe that crimes were committed in this so-called theater. okay? i will succeed to you lis wiehl that theater is a strip sleazy joint in iowa. underage girl intoxicated. that's against the law.
5:41 am
comes up on a stage in an adult stripper helps her take off her clothes. that's against the law. she then, when she is completely disrobed, struts around in front of adults who are drinking. that may or may not be against the law. you have at least two beefs that are misdemeanors. >> you are coming. >> bill: i'm saying that these judges were perfectly within their rights to say we're not going to rule on the theater deal. it may be a theater. you can't commit crimes in a theater in the state of iowa. >> you are wrong. let me tell you why you are wrong. >> bill: governmental first of all, it's not a theater. i agree with you that the judge got this one wrong. but it's not because it's a question of whether this is art or not. i think it's a question of whether this is a theater or not. because the iowa law says you can't do certain things. you can't parade around with, you know, your naked breasts out. you can't use minors for sexual titillation. you just can't do any of these
5:42 am
things. unless do you it in a theater. so this judge said well, is this a theater or isn't it? he said you know what? i think it is. i think the judge is dead wrong. this is not a theater. it's your classic strip club, which is not a theater. so i do think he got it wrong. >> bill: ask you another simple question, again, coming from a very simple man. can you commit a crime in a theater in iowa? >> no. but the thing that makes using a minor to titillate people a crime is a statute that speaks to indecent exposure. in other words, here, the strip club owner got charged with indecent exposure. there is a law that says you can't use a minor in this sexy way, otherwise, it's this misdemeanor, indecent exposure. the law has an exception if it's a theater. even for minors. which is incredible. it's bone-headed. >> bill: kelly, you are telling me if a 9-year-old girl wandered into this place, was then taken by an adult up on the stage and the adult took off her clothes, it's okay in the state of iowa
5:43 am
to do that? >> under the law as it is written right now, yes. which is why there is a push to change the law. >> bill: that is simply stunning and shocking. >> totally. >> bill: i think everybody watching tonight can't believe this is happening in the united states of america. but you are convinced that any activity, no matter how old the child is, as long as it's designed or designated to be a theater by a pinhead judge. >> yes. >> bill: can take place there. that's shocking. absolutely shocking. >> the reason why the law wound up this way and there is an attempt right now to change this in the legislature in iowa in this case. the reason it's that way they want to protect things that genuinely are art. they have this law that says you can't show a breast unless it's a theater and it's art. that's good. we don't want old paintings being ruled porn. >> bill: this is although rhetoric call gobblably gook that lawyers do. that needs to be changed fast. >> the law needs to be changed. >> bill: i have got a minute now. we have the duke rape lacrosse
5:44 am
accuser. now charged with attempted murder. give me a summary of what happened real quick. >> crystal gail was found by police in her house after a 911 call came from in from her kids, basically according to police threatening to stab her boyfriend, set his clothes on fire, and then they say she tried to start yet another fire once the police arrived. this is all in front of her 3-year-old, 9-year-old, and 10-year-old who were in the house at the time. no one was hurt. now she has been held on all these crimes and she has-million-dollar bond which, of course, she will never be able to post. this person is pathological. >> bill: sure. this is the duke lacrosse thing. i would say if the woman were in iowa, and did that in a theater, it would be considered art and she could probably do it, correct? >> that's not true. you are not allowed to commit or attempted murder even if it's in a theater. >> bill: can you take a-year-old's clothes off and parade her in front of men who
5:45 am
are drinking. >> that's true. >> bill: make sure that law in iowa gets changed please, i'm not kidding. >> i'm on it. >> bill: see megyn on her own show monday through friday on fnc. clinton eastwood and sylvevevev p
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the factor has been coming out here to l.a. for 13 years now. during that time we have had a number of interesting hollywood folks tell us interesting things. tonight we thought we would put together a highlight reel for you. roll the tape. ♪ ♪ keep those doggyies rolling raw hide. >> bill: when you think about it going from raw hide to the top of your profession and staying there for 40 years, what is the main attribute that you have that has made you successful? >> well, many things. just a lot of perseverance. you also have to be lucky. i have been very lucky. i have taken advantage of a few breaks that came along. and moved along with them. >> bill: you are not a hollywood kind of guy? you know what i'm talking about here? i can't see you calling anybody
5:49 am
babe. i just can't see that. >> not always, babe. ♪ >> so right, can't be wrong. >> bill: happy days, this thing just burst on the scene. that has made you very, very close to the american public. >> yeah. >> bill: they think they know you. >> i have to be a really good girl. i can't let them down. >> bill: you can't be smoking. >> i have to look nice. they all say to me you look really good. >> bill: somebody comes up and it's okay. >> it's just heaven. it's a blessing. such a good thing. look what a good thing it is. >> bill: it was great. some of the most beloved american tv people are nasty in person. do you want me to name names? i will name them. i mean, they are nasty. you are nice. >> i'm so nice. i can't stand it. ♪ california. >> bill: i remember seeing rocky. i remember seeing you on stage with the oscar and all of that. it looked so easy for folks to see movie stars and super stars. it's the most competitive industry in the world.
5:50 am
>> it's a brutal industry because you are the product. and times change, taste change, each generation has to define itself by discovering their own heroes. >> bill: you keep yourself in great shape. >> thank you. >> bill: you are older than i am and you look ten years younger. you work out every day. >> i have it down to science. i used to. i got it down to what i know works for me. ♪ california. >> bill: you have been a frequent critic of us. what's the beef here? >> well, i -- i think you are doing a different thing from what -- when i wake up in the morning and i expect to see some news. i don't expect to see a bunch of guys chasing after the independent prosecutor, the independent this and that and the other thing, following a grand jury. i don't expect to see minutes and minutes of doorways going into the grand jury building. people coming out of the grand jury building. people cut wolf blitzer, what do you think of this? i don't know. i don't think i don't know what to think of this. he doesn't know what to think because he doesn't know what's
5:51 am
going on. >> bill: you and lucille ball really defined female comedian. >> lucille was a stand economic actress. >> you were stand up. you were making people laugh. it opened up. >> see, she is the pretty, pretty, cutie pretty darling, pretty lady comic. it helps to be ugly to be a standup. >> bill: you weren't ugly. >> oh. >> bill: you must get people go aren't you heather thomas? what happened to you? it's tough on actresses after age 35 out here. >> it's after age 30. >> bill: after age 30 now? >> sure. >> bill: it's really rough. >> it's always been that way. women are devalued the minute they hit about 25. >> bill: it's all physical, right? it's all looks? >> physicality. get younger and older. >> bill: why are you a republican? >> you know, i started out not being very political. and i just assumed i was a
5:52 am
democrat because i have always had the impression that democrats are nicer people. >> bill: nicer people. >> nicer people. care about people more. then growing up, travelling, seeing the world, and that's when i just realized in looking into different issues that i was a republican. >> bill: now, as far as your career is concerned. you have an interesting career. but you are known as a sex bomb. i mean because you got your career. you came into the spotlight with playboy and with pen. it? >> was a career that came to me. ♪ california dreaming. >> bill: this show is 40 years old now this leave it to beaver. i bet people come up to you every day and say hey wally, how are you doing? >> they do. >> bill: does that get old. >> i have been able to reconcile it and now i understand it better. and i actually enjoy it more. >> bill: you were part of a phenomenon in america that's never going to happen again. >> bill: you were married to farrah fawcett. you were a tabloid target.
5:53 am
was that hard to handle all of that? >> it's tremendous pressure on you. and especially if two people want a crr career. it's hard. i probably saw farrah in one year maybe two weeks out of the year. so it doesn't make for a, you know, a really good marriage. when i got a call from your people i was very shocked because i watch your show all the time. >> bill: thank you. i appreciate that. >> now i know what it is to sit in this chair. >> bill: i like you. >> i thought i was getting a call from the principal's office and going in to see the principal. wondering what the heck did i do? ♪ california, california ♪ >> bill: all right. we have one more day out here. we will be back in new york on monday. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring vice president biden and snowboarder sean white. right back with p and p.
5:54 am
5:55 am
. bill: time for pinheads and patriots many one of the most extraordinary olympic performances was by american snowboarder shaun white. >> announcer: oh! that is a move that encompasses 3 1/2 rotations, two flips. double mctwist, big mac, whatever you want to call it, white snake, double, double, extra tomato that was unbelievable!
5:56 am
bill: i did that yesterday in santa monica. for his skill mr. white won the gold and is a patriot. pinhead front yesterday was ash wednesday, beginning of lent vice president biden received ashes on his forehead. apparently that confused some british commentators. >> what happened to his head? >> i don't know. simple answer, maybe we will find out later. he's been up in vancouver for the winter olympics, was the face of the administration there. whether there was some accident on what little ice there's been, we don't know. >> any way, never mind. bill: unbelievable. for not figuring out it was ash wednesday those people are pinheads. you get a nifty bold fresh tote bag, when you buy a copy of bold fresh my book on bill o' all proceeds go to charity. president obama will not learn
5:57 am
anything from governor schwarzenegger's fail newer california because the president is like a teenager who leaves he's invincible. alaina: bill, arnold deserves criticism but has probably kept us from going into further debt. it is a political circus out here. steve: bill, i open i'm not being persnickety for criticizing you after you announced lindsey vonn won gold yesterday before we could see the event what were you thinking? i was thinking about working at a news channel, steve when news breaks we report it. we don't wait for the west coast telecast. monsignor, pennsylvania: dennis miller said the olympic gold is going to worth a lot once commodities go up, gold medals are 92% silver. i did not know that nancy: first i thought were you an arrogant neotoad after seeing
5:58 am
you champion jessica's law i've changed my mind. a neotoad nancy? jill: bill, my son will be home from afghanistan so i've ordered him an american patriot cap and shirt we military moms appreciate your support. not as much as i appreciate your son. they deserve all the support they are getting tell your son he's a patriot. our website talking points memo posted there if you came in late. please e-mail us with pithy comments interest anywhere in the world. o' name a town if you wish to opine when writing to the factor do not be a martinet: that's it for us today, we'll continue 24/7 on bill
5:59 am
o' check it out i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from los angeles. remember the spin stops here because we're >> when you pop out of the bed in the morning do you say tgif? i did today because it's february 19, 2010. happy friday. we begin with the a fox news alert. there was a storm raging in his head. new and disturbing details about the man who went on a suicide mission flying his plane right into an i.r.s. building. >> oh, boy. meanwhile, conservatives get together and president obama gets a smackdown. >> i think barack obama is a one term president. >> and the crowd went wild. mr. cheney wasn't the only one throwing punches. more from c-pac plus one of the g.o.p.'s rising stars straight ahead in the next 15 minutes. and tiger ready to take a swing at a public apology today. but his colleagues are taking swings at


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